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I didn’t know Jesus is beautiful!

September 1, 2006

My kids continue to astound me.

1 car + 2 daughters + 1 mom + an afternoon of driving around Toledo = some great conversations!

At some point in the car, we began to sing a worship song. No music, just three voices singing to Him. It’s one we sang to Jesus last Sunday during True Crossroads Stories. The last line of the song is “Hallelujah Jesus, my Lord, beautiful You are”.

As the three of us finished, Livie – my three year old said with a giggle, “I didn’t know Jesus is beautiful!” She wasn’t questioning whether or not Jesus is beautiful. After all we just sang it, so it must be! I realized that Livie’s concept of beauty had to do solely with physical attributes. That began a conversation about Jesus and beauty.

We began talking about things that were beautiful, what makes something or someone beautiful, how real beauty comes from the heart (a whole other conversation) and so on. Big sister Jocie contributed her concepts of beauty to the conversation and in listening to Jocie, I learned that she understands so much about beauty. At the risk of sounding quite cheesy – the whole conversation was beautiful. I found myself quietly thanking God for the opportunity He gave to all three of us this afternoon to learn a little bit more about beauty, about each other and most of all about Him.

As I wind down from the day, I find myself landing on that thought –

Jesus, You are beautiful

My three-year old’s giggle and innocent comment opened a window for me to praise Jesus and reflect on His beauty.

Thank you Jesus for showing me a glimpse of Your beauty through my daughters’ eyes.

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  1. Hasus_Lover permalink
    September 9, 2006 5:19 am

    I Love Jesus.. im so passionate about him.. he shines in my eyes.. like a glorious mystery from heaven.. he has shown me the way of rightchousnes .. and thank you

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