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23 hours

January 27, 2008
b2objects030.jpgOne of my friends is getting ready to be silent for 23 hours. During this time period, she will not use a notepad, computer or any other means of written form to communicate to those around her. It has me thinking – if I were to be silent for 23 hours (and did not spend the whole time in isolation), there are some opportunities that could arise. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far –
  1. Prevents sticking my foot in my mouth
  2. To listen
  3. Save $$ on breath mints &/or gum
  4. Since actions speak louder than words, great opportunity to see what I say
  5. To listen
  6. Have some fun when the phone rings
  7. Get creative at the drive thru
  8. To listen
  9. Spend time with my thoughts
  10. Don’t have to talk to telemarketers (see #6)
  11. To listen
  12. Chance to live my day in a totally different context and gain a new perspective
  13. Won’t talk with my food in my mouth
  14. To listen!

What opportunities (good or bad) would 23 hours of being silent offer you?

Who or what came to mind with the opportunity to listen?

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  1. February 10, 2008 1:23 am

    I’d love to get everyone around me to be silent for 23 hours…I don’t think Ian could last 23 seconds. I think I’d probably hear voices just to comfort myself because I’m so used to chatter (including my own).

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