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In training

February 20, 2008

Today was a training day for me.

Preparations for today began Monday night and went until the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Final preparations (or the last nails in the coffin) were made early in the morning this morning as I went to bed.

9 hours of sleep is pretty good for one night – not so good when it’s a total for two nights of sleep! Woke up this morning and my oh my, I was on edge. Kind of felt like a string strung too tight. Thus began my training day.

Regardless of my lack of sleep, life still goes on and I have a choice to live it in a God honoring way or not. When I interact with family, friends, acquaintance or strangers, I have a choice to treat them and love them as God loves us or not.

Here’s the funny thing about that – living in a God honoring way requires giving up control – relying on the Holy Spirit rather than relying on myself. In times of weakness (like when you’re not running on all cylinders), it is easier to see if I’m relying on Him or myself. (It sure is a lot easier to say or do the ‘right’ things when you are well rested as opposed to not well rested).

Living a life of following the Holy Spirit (‘living by the Spirit’) produces goodness, kindness, patience, peace, faithfulness, love, joy and self-control.

So today was a training day. I had multiple opportunities of following God’s lead through out my day. Let me give you some highlights of my training today:

1. Morning battle with youngest daughter over wearing a dress to school – she wore the dress. (exercised: peace, patience, gentleness, kindness)

2. Knocked over a glass of left over icee from last night that was in the fridge. Red slush spilled onto the bottom of the fridge and all over the floor. It happened right as it was time to leave for school, kids made it to school on time AND slushee was cleaned up. (exercised: joy, patience, kindness, peace)

3. Arrived late to a meeting – my own doing. I dislike being late (exercised: self control, peace)

4. I was back stage in the auditorium this afternoon. Sat down on a riser, but miscalculated riser’s length. As a result, 93.7% of my backside sat on air. The other 6.3% of my backside couldn’t handle the pressure of balancing all of me and I fell over with a loud bang. As I’m laughing at myself, I realize two other staff people are nearby and heard the commotion. Thankfully, it was dark so they couldn’t see my graceful move, although I ‘fessed’ up to what happened. My backside and ego are a little bruised. (exercised: joy, self control)

5. Missed supper with my family, but got to read bedtime stories (exercised: kindness, love, faithfulness)

Amazing how God can take my foolishness (not getting enough rest) and use it to help me grow and also encourage me! Was I close to perfect today in all my actions and words? Did I do everything today 100% right? Absolutely not!

However, I was able to see evidence of the Holy Spirit working in my life today.

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