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Not letting it go to waste

February 23, 2008

It’s quiet here in the hours of pre-dawn

While the rest of my family sleeps I have nary a yawn.

Bleary-eyed and a bit more subdued

It’s kinda weird state to be in – a different mood.

On this side of dawn, time ticks at slow pace,

With taunt and tease, time flaunts its face.

Tossing and turning await me if I lie in my bed,

So I’ve opted not to- I’ll do some stuff instead.

Stuff that doesn’t require other people or much moving around,

Whatever it is, I won’t make a lot of sound.

While on the dark side of dawn, I have more time to reflect, ponder, and pray,

I wonder if I’ll have more opportunities to exercise today?

Time – go ahead – taunt and tease

Staying awake gives me more opportunities,

To love, to laugh, to be kind, to write
More opportunities to listen to God in the quiet of night.

Regardless of why I’m awake, one thing holds fast

I can’t get back any scrap of time once it goes past.

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