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March 3, 2008

The amount of information available at our fingertips (via the web)is amazing. fingertipsSometimes I forget (or take it for granted). Sometimes I am astounded.

Last summer I ran across a reference for a book. I couldn’t preview it online and it was an obscure enough book that when I would stop in at Barnes & Noble or other bookstore, I couldn’t find it. Today, I encountered the reference again, did a google search, ended up at google books and TADA!

Google books could radically change how I access some books – book I want to check out, but not necessarily add to my home library.

Here are a few other websites (or kind of websites) that have revolutionized the way I get information.

  • Crosswalk has awesome bible study tools that are invaluable when I’m studying a particular passage or topic.
  • Biblegateway is another cool site where I can read from the Bible. My favorite feature at this site is to be able to read from several different versions – all referenced on the same screen.
  • I’ve used the web to access reviews for particular movies my family wants to go see and/or check out tv listings.
  • One of the magazines I read sends me a digital link before I get the magazine in the mail.
  • There is the cake that my family loves, I lost the recipe. I remembered I got the recipe from a cake mix box. Went to the site and found it.

What are some websites that have revolutionized the way you get information?

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