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March 3, 2008
  • This place is in downtown Adrian.
  • Friday night it snowed.
  • One of the rooms at this place overlooks a city parking lot.
  • A small red pickup parked in that lot Saturday morning.
  • The worship band for Crossroads rehearses on Saturday mornings in that room.
  • A plow truck was clearing snow from that city parking lot Saturday morning.
  • The plow truck backed up to clear more snow.
  • As the band was rehearsing, the plow truck backed into the small red pickup.
  • One band member saw it happen.
  • Another heard it happen.
  • The rest of the band stopped rehearsing and looked out the window.
  • Driver of plow truck got out and looked at the pickup.
  • Driver of plow truck got back in truck and began clearing snow again.
  • The band looked out the window.
  • Plow truck leaves parking lot.
  • Some of the band members go down to lot and check out pickup.
  • Rest of band looked out the window.
  • Guys come back in and report that the pickup didn’t appear to have dent or mark, but has clearly moved a couple of feet from original spot due to impact.
  • The band member who saw the incident calls police.
  • Band resumes rehearsing.
  • Police officer pulls into parking lot.
  • Band member heads back to parking lot to explain what he saw.
  • He comes back to rehearsal.
  • Plow truck comes to lot. Driver gets out – different driver.
  • Police officer and plow truck driver talk.
  • Plow truck leaves.
  • Police officer stays for a few minutes, then leaves.
  • Band finishes rehearsing.
  • 1 hour = the added time to rehearsal due to above events.

Doing the right thing is not always convenient or easy.

Saturday morning there was no question about what was the right thing to do. One person didn’t do the right thing. Another person did. The end result –

That’s not really the point is it?

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