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March 14, 2008


– items or things we use for a pursuit or occupation.

Tool Box

-container for keeping tools.

Toolboxes – containers where we keep the things that help us in our pursuit of ______ or our occupation. The container could be a bookshelf, storage box, drawer, top of a desk, bulletin board, our mind or even a ‘virtual’ container via the web. For some of us, our toolboxes are organized and we know right where to find things. For others of us, we know we put that tool somewhere . . .

I have various toolboxes in my life.

In my pursuit of keeping my family healthy, I have a medicine toolbox. In it you’ll find OTC pain relievers, band aids, thermometer and other items. Some of the tools, such as vitamins are used on such a regular basis, they are not placed back in the container where most of those tools are located, but rather are left out of the medicinal tool box and kept in a cabinet for easier access.

As the family bookkeeper, I have a much bigger toolbox – our home office. Located inside are the tools needed for bookkeeping along with numerous tools (and even toolboxes) needed for other aspects of my life.

Whether we have an actual toolbox of sorts or our tools are scattered around our lives, each of us use tools. Different tools for different aspects of our life. Some tools are so incorporated into my life, I forget that I’m using them. Then I run the risk of taking their importance (or lack of) for granted.

I am setting up a new category titled ‘Toolbox’ on this blog. From time to time (frequency will vary) I will post a toolbox that I utilize to pursue a certain aspect of my life. I’ll share tools found in that toolbox (or scattered around in my life). Perhaps you will find a ‘new to you’ tool that you can incorporate into your own toolbox. Perhaps you’ll be reminded of a similar tool you have that’s been missing. Maybe you will share a tool or two of your own here as well.

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