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Communication thing

April 18, 2008

Kevin and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary this summer. One would think that with over a decade of doing life together, we would be great at communicating. 🙂

Yeah, we’ve got a communication thing going on.

Our friends are often amused at how we often coordinate our schedules at the last minute. It’s not unusual to overhear a conversation similar to this at our house:

“We’re doing what?”

“Going to ______________ tonight – we talked about this last week.”

“No we didn’t”

“Yes we did. Last Tuesday when the girls got home from school. Livie was singing a song about how she loves raw carrots and hates cooked ones and Jocie was looking for her tights that she needed to get ready for dance class.”


“Come on, we need to get going!”

We’ve been taking steps to improve our communication thing. Kevin’s been checking the calendar. I’m making sure I put events and appointments on the calendar. Both of us are making more of an effort to go over the details of the week together before the week starts.

So we’ve got our new and improved communication thing going on and tomorrow, we get to enjoy the benefits! Last weekend, we discussed what was going on this week. Kevin rearranged his work schedule so he could go with the girls and me to Sylvania tomorrow afternoon. The girls have a dental cleaning/check up.

Now we get to spend the afternoon hanging out together!

Oh, and I’m going to beat Kevin’s score

Hey Kevin,



and the centipede

bring it

(The dentist office has a awesome little game room. Yeah, it’s for the kids, but if there aren’t any kids playing in there – we’ll play a game or two!)

Wanna guess who’s gonna win?

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  1. Joe E. permalink
    April 18, 2008 2:54 pm

    I’m thinking one of the girls!

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