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Kevin brought it

April 18, 2008

Kevin and I didn’t play Centipede at the dentist today. However, we took up the challenge online tonight.


Kevin brought it and I was defeated.

Kevin’s Score: 24076 My Score: 15765

I tried my hand at Frogger.



Kevin accepted the challenge.

Kevin brought it and I was defeated again.

Kevin’s score: 7236 My score: 1654

Feeling like quite the loser, I spied a game that I knew I could be fairly successful at – Space Invaders! I gave it all I had & I was doing great. My only goal in this game was survival. Never mind that my husband was playing Galaxia next to me. My mission was to annihilate those space invaders.

Kevin saw what I was doing and began playing space invaders as well. In Kevin’s world, I had issued another challenge (It must have been the way I was hitting my space bar). Kevin began his attempt to defeat me a third time this evening. When my last guy was blown to smithereens, I wrote down my score, feeling pretty good about it. Until I glanced over at Kevin’s computer. He was already four thousand points ahead of my final score and had 7+ men left.

Space Invaders

space invaders

Kevin brought it (even though I issued no challenge.) I was annihilated.

Kevin’s score: 12460 My score: 3340

I’m going to go hang my picture in the hall of shame and get Kevin a pillow.

It will make his night on the couch much more comfortable.

I am so joking about the pillow and couch.

He can get the pillow himself.

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