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Dance Lessons

May 20, 2008

Every May for the past 4 years, our family has a week of rehearsals and a weekend of dance recital shows. This month is no exception. Last week was recital week. It was the first time both of our girls were in the recital. How wonderful it was to watch the girls rehearse and perform last week

Livie’s first recital and she was beaming each time she stepped out onto the stage. There was pride in her smile – the kind of pride one feels when one has mastered something and can do it. Livie was very proud of the fact she knew her dance. No stage fright from that girl.

Jocie’s 4th recital and what struck me about Jocie’s performances this year was that she’s making the transition from carrying out memorized steps in time with the music to connecting with the music – dancing and responding to the music

I anticipated last week was gonna be a busy week – 2 nights of rehearsals and 3 shows. I knew I would love to watch the girls rehearse and of course watch the show. What I didn’t expect were the lessons I learned during recital week. The next few posts will be about those ‘dance’ lessons.

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