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Preparation avoids perspiration (Dance Lesson #1)

May 20, 2008

Jocie gets out of school at 3:47pm.

Livie’s school is 10 minutes away from Jocie’s school.

Both girls need to put on their leotards, tights and dance shoes.

Rehearsal starts at 4pm on Monday afternoon.




Had we not taken time the weekend before to go over our schedule, this is the situation we very likely could have found ourselves in. Instead we checked times, packed bags the night before and adjusted schedules.

We’ve learned to go over the week and take care of what we can the night before. I am not a morning person. When I wait until the morning of to coordinate, take care of, put together things, it is absolutely nutso around our house. Being prepared eases my mind and a schedule that is pretty tight seems manageable.

Another way we prepared was to go over the dances at home a few weeks prior. (Practice). By the time the girls rehearsed on the big stage, they were comfortable with their routines.

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