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Cause & effect (DL #2)

May 21, 2008

At the first rehearsal I watched as girls from the younger classes danced together and gain a new perspective on this life lesson (Dance lesson #2)


The Cause

A dancer is concentrating so hard on what she is doing, she forgets there are others on stage around her. Forget a step, step too soon, a wrong turn or a move in the wrong direction and that dancer will become instantly aware of the dancers around her as she collides with one of them. (this scenario happened several times with different dancers)

The collision wasn’t intentional. The ‘collider ‘was working hard on her dance. Her focus was solely on herself executing the dance. The young dancer inexperience along with being in a new environment leads her to focus on herself and then others secondarily (if at all).

Like that dancer concentrating on her steps, I can get so focused on a situation in my life, I forget about the people around me. Whatever factor caused me to get wrapped up in myself if I stay focused on me too long, I will collide with someone. The collision isn’t intentional, but is caused by my self-focus. Hmm, there’s a word for that isn’t there?

The Effect

The dancer’s focus effected the one she collided with. Depending on how close the other dancers were to the collision, it may effect other dancers as well. At least two dancers must stop, adjust and try their best to continue on. That collision has the potential to effect the whole team depending on how well those involved in the collision recover. Recovery can take from a few seconds all the way to the rest of the number.

When my selfishness causes a collision the # of people it effects varies as well. Sometimes the recovery is quick and other times a relationship can take a long time to recovery and get back in the groove. Recovery doesn’t start though until I apologize, make amends and begin anew doing this.

Of course staying focused on this would prevent the collision from happening in the first place.

Who is ‘on stage’ with you this week in your world?

What are you doing to prevent collisions with other people?

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