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Dear diary,

July 1, 2008

Did you ever keep a diary when you were a kid?

I can only recall a brief period of time where I did. Brief, as in I maybe wrote in my diary for a few weeks at most. I think there are a few reasons why I never grabbed a hold of the diary idea.

1. I wanted to keep my secrets, my secrets.

I’ve always thought of a diary as a place where one writes down feelings and thoughts about the day including things he/she didn’t want anyone else to know about. Secrets. That’s why diaries have those little locks or are kept in a secret place, right? It was always in the back of my mind, what would happen if someone discovered my diary and read it?

2. My hand couldn’t keep up with my thoughts.

I’m left handed. Have you ever watched a left handed person write?

Left handed people either turn their wrist at a really awkward angle in order to pull the pen similar to what right handed people do or left handed people push their pen/pencil across the page. I’m a left handed ‘pusher’ – which I think correlates to exerting 40% more energy than right handed people.

Yes, that explanation was lame.

I detested writing by hand because it took me so long. The thought of writing in a diary was not something that I got excited about.

3. I’d rather be reading.

I was/still am a voracious reader. Given a choice between writing or reading a book at the end of the day, the book would win every time.

How about you? Did you have a diary as a kid? Have one now?

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