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In a weird spot

October 24, 2008

This afternoon has been quiet – the kind of afternoon I crave if life has been too busy. Quiet afternoons like this usually beg me to read, do a little writing, perhaps even drag out & play some old music. I’m supposed to be enjoying this time to feed my creative side, but I find myself distracted.

I’m in a weird spot.

While I find myself curled up in my favorite chair, the dog nestled in beside me, my thoughts are several miles away at the school my daughters attend. My eldest is in the midst of learning a life lesson. And I am waiting for her arrival home to see how she fared.

I’m in a waiting place.

Kevin and I continually ask God for wisdom as we parent our daughters. As a parent, I so want to protect them from the hurts, bang ups and bruises in life. At the same time I know that overprotection will cripple them and leave them lacking in character, stature and maturity they’ll need as they live life.

Jocie is taking a risk today. She is stepping off the edge of the cliff. Will she soar or will she fall?

Before I continue, the situation I’m about to describe may seem not so terribly risky to you, but reserve your judgment.  Jocie, who by nature, prefers to play it safe rather than take a risk is venturing out!

Last week a note came home from school with information about how to run for student council. Jocie decided she wanted to participate in the process. The election process goes like this – all interested students submit an essay. Jocie’s teacher will pick the 3 best essays. Those 3 students will read their essays to the class and create campaign posters. The class select 2 students to represent them on the student council.

Her decision to run was a big step  – last year she opted not to because she knew a couple of her friends wanted to run. This year, her interest in running outweighed her fears of competing with classmates. That is risk taking step #1.

Risk #2 is that she had to write an essay. Jocie, while imaginative and bright, HATES to write. Handwriting is cumbersome for her and that leads to her wanting to be done as quick as possible. Composing an essay on why she wanted to be on student council was hard work.

This morning Jocie found out whether or not her essay was one that was selected. On the way to school, Jocie explained what she was going to do when she first got there – the results would be already posted. We talked about what she has learned whether her essay was chosen or not. How she should be proud of what she’s done – that she’s done her best – no matter what the results.

Now I wait to see how she’s handled the results.

I’ll keep you post

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