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In a weird spot, pt. 2.

November 1, 2008

In a weird spot again. It seems I have much to learn about the political process when it comes to 4th grade student council elections!

Last Friday, Jocie learned that she was one of three students in her class chosen to run for student council. Over the weekend, Jocie came up with a slogan that represented her thoughts about her role as a part of the student council. We gathered paper, took pictures and put together 1/2 dozen campaign posters for Jocie to hang at her school.

See these hands? They are here to help.

Slogan: See these hands? They are here to help.

Monday morning, Jocie brought in her posters &  all was well and good in the land of 4th grade. That afternoon when Jocie came home from school, she started to ask me a question, but stopped mid sentence. Curious as to what the question was. I asked her about it.

Jocie relayed, in a matter of fact way, that another candidate brought in popcorn balls and passed them out to the class. Jocie was going to ask if she could bring cookies in on Tuesday, but then thought better of it. We had a good discussion about politics (classroom) and whether or not Jocie wanted to give her classmates something in order to sway or secure their votes for her.

Jocie decided not bring in cookies on Tuesday.

But the candidate who brought popcorn balls in on Monday did, and brought something everyday this week for the class. (FYI – the third candidate opted, as Jocie did, to not bring anything in for students.)

Jocie’s running for student council is providing some great opportunities for discussion within our family.

Discussion with Jocie, Kevin and myself: the political process, coping with disappointment, standing up for what you think is right.

Discussion with Kevin and myself: best way to support/help Jocie, whether or not to address our concern to the school, how well Jocie is doing with this.

I don’t know much about the other two candidates running, but I’m guessing that any of them, Jocie included,  would do a great job on the student council. That one candidate has brought gifts every day of the campaign for the class doesn’t seem fair to me, but life is not fair, is it? Perhaps from another person’s perspective, this candidate (or the parents) shows savy marketing skills.

I’m proud of Jocie, regardless of how the student council turns out. She stepped out and is taking a risk of not being chosen. She thought of why she wanted to be on the council and wrote an essay about it, even when she doesn’t like to write. Jocie created a slogan that represented her platform. When faced with a disadvantage, Jocie did not compromise what she considered right in order to level the playing field. What a great experience for her (and her parents)!

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