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November 3, 2008
My dad, September 6, 2008

My dad, September 6, 2008

This is my dad. This picture was taken almost 2 months ago.

My dad, September 16, 2008

My dad, September 16, 2008

This is a picture of my dad 10 days later, shortly after his first surgery.

For several years now Dad has been living with Parkinson’s. In September he had two procedures done called  Deep Brian Stimulation. If successful, Dad would experience relief from the tremors that affected the right side of his body.

I was able to be at the hospital for the first surgery. As Dad was in the recovery room, post op, we met with the neurosurgeon who shared details of the surgery, how Dad was doing, what to expect in the week the first surgery and the second & restrictions Dad would need to follow.

Knowing my dad and his inclination to downplay his symptoms when he’s not feeling well, I commented about emphasizing the restrictions with Dad. The surgeon looked around the room at us and asked a question.

Is he a complainer?

The question struck me because how the question is answered reveals much about a person’s character. Think about it, how we deal with the bumps, bruises, roadblocks and ups and downs of life shows the kind of person we are. It’s easy to act a certain way when things are great. It’s in the stresses of life that our character shows.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to complain. There are times and situations where a person should speak out, complain or protest. However, if a person is labeled a complainer, it indicates complaining is a common occurrence – a default mode of sorts.

It’s been 48 days since my dad’s first surgery. 40 days since his second surgery. The procedures were very successful. Dad can now hold with his right hand utensils to eat, write, and hold the paper to read & do a crossword puzzle. Prior to DBS, his tremors were severe enough, those activities were impossible.

It’s been 48 days since I heard the question:

Is he a complainer?

That question made an impact on me. At some point each day, I consider my actions, my words and the attitude of my heart.

Am I living life as a complainer or as one who has hope?

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  1. Lissa Nickless permalink
    November 4, 2008 7:35 pm

    Wow Laura…that’s great! Please tell your dad we are very happy for him to be able to do more things again!! That’s awesome!! We’ll keep him and your family in our prayers!! Thanks for the accountability. Really makes you think about how you handle things. Thanks for that!!
    Hope all continues well for your dad & his recovery!! =)

    Love Lissa =)

  2. January 20, 2009 11:23 am

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