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election day results

November 4, 2008

vote-4-jocieToday is election day and the result of the student council elections are in. Rather than give you the results from my perspective, I thought Jocie could help me with this post.

L: Jocie, today was election day for student council. I’ve posted a couple of times on my blog about the campaign. Would it be okay if I interview you and post it on my blog?

J: Sure.

L: What would you like the readers of this blog to know about this election?

J; I worked really hard to get to the top three. I wrote an essay, worked on a speech and made posters to hang in the hallway.

L: What was the result of the election?

J: I lost.

L: Would you want to run for student council again?

J: I probably would like to do it again.  To me, if I just quit and don’t try again, it would be like giving up.

L: Why did you run for student council?

J: I ran for student council because I thought I could come up with really great ideas to make a school that’s already great, really great.

L: Would you change how you ran for student council?

J: Probably not. The vote was really close and now that I have the experience, I’ll be better at campaigning.

L: What did you enjoy about running for student council?

J: Even though I lost, I learned 2 things:

  1. Campaigning can be pretty fun.
  2. The younger you are as a voter, it’s probably more likely you’ll vote for the person who brings in treats.

(Jocie starts giggling – the kind of silly giggling that occurs when 9 yr old girls find something amusing.)

L: What would you want the reader’s of this post to know?

J: I was a little disappointed, but I survived!

L: Olivia, you’ve been sitting here listening to this interview, is there anything you would like others to know about Jocie running for student council.

O: I am really proud of her and I love her a lot. She worked really hard on it (running for student council).

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