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November 26, 2008

Messenger Bag

This is my messenger bag. It holds many things – my laptop, files I’m using, personal items, my phone, books and so forth. One thing I really appreciate about my bag is all the pocket and compartments it has.


This is my wallet. I like that my wallet is small – it makes it easy to tuck it away – especially in my nifty messenger bag.

Last night I pulled into the parking lot of a local store and grabbed my bag to get my wallet. It was then I noticed that the place where I keep my journal and wallet was unzipped. Sure enough – no wallet.

messenger bag 2

Earlier in the evening I had given Olivia a dollar at her dance class so I knew the last time I had the wallet. A call home confirmed the wallet wasn’t in Olivia’s dance bag. After retracing my steps and a number of phone calls, I found my wallet –

in the parking lot near the dance studio.

It had been there for 3 hours.

All alone. img_0649

I am very thankful it sat there unnoticed.

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